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When many people think of New England they think of going to Boston, Vermont or Maine but very few make a point of going to New Hampshire. Because of this it is the perfect place to go to get a real sense of New England without the crowds that some of the other states get. This article will offer travel tips on when to visit this state as well as how to get there by plane or using Boston airport limousine service or New Hampshire limousine service. It will also recommend the great foliage season as well as other places to see in different seasons.

New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful states in the country with a small population calling it home. Because of this, there is a wide variety of untouched land that are Logan Airport Limo Service parts of some wonderful parks in New Hampshire. Depending on what part of the state you wish to visit, you can fly into Manchester airport that has quite a few flights throughout the country including some great deals on discount airlines or you can fly into Boston as well.

Many people choose to go to New England to see the Fall foliage as the colors viewed in this part of the country are unlike anywhere else. This leaf season is typically from mid-September to early October and the mountaintops and lowlands of New Hampshire are covered in beautiful reds. For those wanting the best route for viewing the foliage you should drive along the Kancamagus Scenic Byway which goes in and out of the White Mountain National Forest.

For the foliage tour begin in Lincoln and travel east to Conway. If you are bringing kids along on the tour make sure you go to Clark’s Trading Post which is an old time cheesy roadside attraction that has a fire station, a steam locomotive and trained bears. Once you reach Conway, it is recommended to take the Conway Scenic railroad where you can see spectacular foliage views without driving off the road in your car.

Another great place to visit in New Hampshire is the town of Jackson. It has the classic New England covered bridge and it appeals to visitors interested in various things. It has many quaint little shops that sell art and antiques as well as places to play tennis and golf in the summer time. Jackson attracts many people that are interested in the outdoors and they enjoy going hiking to waterfalls and throughout the many trails located here. Jackson has also attracted many people that enjoy cross country skiing as they have a variety of beautiful trails to do this too. If downhill skiing is more your speed, there are 4 big ski resorts within a short drive making it a great place to stay.

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