Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

The other day I was talking to a laid-off employee who previously had a pretty good job but not have a college degree. She had been applying for many positions around the city to replace her hob with something new. She was looking for something not too far away as she said her car didn’t get very good àm bằng đại học chất lượng gas mileage. She noted that everywhere she applied they wanted to see a college degree of some type on her application or resume.

Online university courses like EdX and Coursera will replace college degrees  in the future — Quartz

This seemed to upset her a bit, why you ask? It’s simple really, she’d been office manager in a small company, which eventually grew to over 100 employees with 100s of millions of dollars in annual sales, she practically ran the company she said. In fact, she could probably run any company of that size regardless of what it was. She was smart, intuitive, and a fast learner.

Due to the fact that we are in a recession many businesses receive 500 resumes for every one job opening. They have to figure some type of criteria to limit the pile. Rather than looking at experience or the actual individual, they start looking at things like college degrees. After all, if they have 500 resumes they might as well hire someone who has a law degree, an MBA, a degree in psychology, and one in finance to become their new office manager.

Still, I’d bet on the person who has the experience, not someone who has been brainwashed in college for 10 years getting a bunch of degrees. Employees don’t need a college degree to do their jobs, most corporations and businesses train people so that they can do their specific job category. Therefore, it seems like a False Requirement.

Worse than that, colleges keep advertising that you need a degree to get a good job, and for some reason the business community has bought into this line, and therefore they require the degree to get the job. That’s just silly, I’d rather hire someone that knows what they’re doing, than someone that thinks they know everything and comes to work in my company, and then tells me how to run things based on what some college professor told them who’s never run a company in their life.

Can anyone see the absurdity of all this, it just blows me away. In fact, if I was still in business today, I would’ve hired that lady on the spot, but since I am retired the best I could do was buy her a “White Mocha Frappachino with No Whip” at Starbucks, while we discussed all the information I needed to write this article. Please consider all this.

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